Individual Therapy

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Individual therapy is a great place to share and explore very private thoughts and feelings without judgment. I use different modalities to address issues such as depression, anxiety, addiction or addiction of a loved one, grief and loss, as well as personal growth and life skills.

I create individualized treatment plans that best suit your needs, and how much you want to invest in between sessions on your own. Individual therapy is a safe and confidential place to explore, talk, feel, process and grow.

Couples therapy


The most fundamental tool in any relationship is the ability to communicate and listen without reacting. To do this we must be able to identify our own feelings as they come up and... not give them so much power that we can no longer listen to what is being said. This skill comes with practice and couples counseling is a safe place to do this.

As trust is built between two people and their therapist, room is created for each other's feelings to be heard and then processed. It is this individual acknowledgement that aids in healing.


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Family therapy is a unique experience. The opportunity to understand our role in our family system and what’s triggering and hijacking us is paramount to being able to make shifts in the family system. Who we are in our family is who we can be in the world. Learning about how our behavior affects the system is an empowering experience understanding that we can shift our behavior without having to have someone else shift theirs.

While I am treating the whole system, bringing light to each individual’s experience and what shifts need to be made and what boundaries need to be put into place will ultimately shape a healthy family system. When we are part of a positive change and can own our part in the change, it is emotionally empowering to feel acknowledged and seen.

In-House Crisis Calls

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When there is a crisis in a family there is most likely and unbelievable amount of chaos. In house crisis calls benefit the entire system. I will come in and help get a family organized emotionally so that we can work as a team to move through the initial crisis period, making sure that all urgent needs are being met and recourses are being identified and accessed to help family members.

Online Therapy


When access to in-person therapy is limited for one reason or another, individuals run the risk of not receiving the support that they need when they need it. With the advent of secure, encrypted, HIPAA compliant technology, online therapy is now a valuable and effective option for those who are unable to meet face-to-face.

I help people break through and work beyond the limitations that prevent us from meeting in-person. Whether individuals are out of town, restricted physically, homebound, or experiencing emotional issues, I am available through online therapy to meet people wherever they are in a safe, convenient, and effective way.

Equine Therapy

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Equine therapy is experiential and actively engaging. Horses mirror human emotions and through metaphoric experiences help us to see the forest through the trees. The sessions take us out of our usual environments and put us into nature, providing a different lens to help shift our perspectives. Equine therapy treats substance abuse, trauma, eating disorders, behavioral issues, abuse issues, depression, anxiety, relationship problems, and stress.