Have you ever felt like something you decided to do was the right decision? You knew for sure you were doing the right thing down deep whether it was easy or difficult… Well, that voice, that feeling inside you that allowed you to feel so sure is your heart speaking. Our heart voice is often covered up and protected by layers and layers of fear that if we act on our own behalf, it will instigate an old experience, creating pain, or shame, or vulnerability. I can honestly say that if you invest in your self, take the time in your day to learn awareness by going through the twelve heart steps, you will have access to your heart in good times and in bad. This is a gift that we all deserve and it also is part of our path as we experience the human journey.

I was brought to the twelve steps through Al-Anon. I had a personal situation that made my life feel unmanageable and I didn’t know where to turn. I remember as I sat in my first Al-Anon meeting I was filled with relief. I had come to a place where I felt I belonged. As I worked the steps, I began to unravel the voices in my head that were like tapes in play mode. I began to trust in myself and follow my heart voice, even when it was difficult and completely contrary from decisions I made in the past. I soon began to notice shifts for the better in my life.